International Symposium of
Young Scholars in the Humanities

V International Interdisciplinary Symposium of Young Scholars in the Humanities

TSU International Symposium of Young Scientists has been hosting young scholars since 2017. The Symposium was initiated by Assoc. Prof. Ekaterine Navrozashvili – scientific supervisor of our symposium,  Head of the office of the Scientific research and development at the  Faculty of Humanities, TSU. 

First time, this year, the Organizers of V International Interdisciplinary Symposium for Young Scholars in the Humanities  are Shota Rustaveli Batumi State University and  Davis Center at Harvard University.

The V International Interdisciplinary Symposium of Young Scholars will be held on July 7-9, 2023. The Symposium is open for young researchers from Humanities and other fields.

The main focus of the V International Symposium for Young Scholars is a field of Cultural Studies which already has a history of several decades at TSU. As in other regions of the world, problems that are especially important for the country are the main objects of its interest. Growing interest towards the field could be observed during last years; cooperation with foreign colleagues develops; students have the opportunity to participate in international educational or research projects and programs; interdisciplinary character of cultural studies allow them to continue their studies at various programs of foreign universities. The results of the researches made by professors and students of the Institute of Cultural Studies causes increasing interest of the international scientific community.

Therefore, the aim of upcoming Symposium is to present the knowledge accumulated in the field of Cultural Studies, to discuss the possibility of study current problems from interdisciplinary perspective, to share modern research methods and theoretical approaches. The Symposium will include thematic interdisciplinary sections, round table, discussion forums, meetings in different formal and informal formats.

The Symposium aims to:

a) Promote and encourage interdisciplinary studies;

b) Present diverse opportunities of Cultural Studies;

c) Popularize and internationalize Georgian Studies;

d) Deepen and support communication between scientists of different generations; highlight the role of young researchers;

e) Assist young researchers in establishing connections with local and foreign colleagues and in sharing scientific achievements.

The Symposium is open for students of Master and PhD levels, and for young scholars with PhD and master's degrees.

Symposium covers the following topics:

  • Problems of intercultural communication: historical experience and current issues;
  • Experience and challenges of multicultural societies: ethnic, religious and linguistic issues;
  • The end of the Cold War and the problems of transition;
  • Identity, nationalism, building of independent state;
  • Perception and representation of history, collective memory, politics of memory;
  • Cultural trauma from the perspective of different disciplines;
  • Imperial legacy and its perception;
  • Revolutions, totalitarian regimes, colonialism and postcolonialism;
  • Language, text, author, reader;
  • Artifacts, monuments, traditions: reconstruction of the past;
  • Cultural policy and cultural heritage;
  • Regional Studies, Caucasus, Central and Eastern Europe, Balkans, Near East;
  • Global World and modern challenges: ethno-political conflicts, post-COVID world, international terrorism, war in Ukraine;
  • Audio-visual and media arts. Youth subcultures.

Venue: Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Tbilisi, Georgia.

  • Main Working Languages: Georgian, English.
  • Time Limit: 

Presentation - 20 minutes;

Discussions - 10 minutes;

Theses will be submitted to the Symposium Review Committee for the review.




Important Dates:

Date of Symposium: July 7-9, 2023

Abstract Submission April 28, 2023;

Reviewing of the abstracts –  September 15, 2022-May15, 2023;

You will receive information regarding participation within a month after submission;

Deadline for payment of the registration fee – May 30, 2023 (in case of inclusion of the presentation  in the program);

Deadline for making changes in the program – May 30, 2023;


Abstract volume:  400-500 words

Please note that late submissions will not be accepted.

Registration fee for the speakers (after receiving the consent letter):

Georgian speakers – 100 GEL;

Foreign Speakers – 100 EUR;

Georgian co-authors (per author) – 50 GEL;

Foreign co-authors (per author) – 50 EUR.


Bank Account Number:

National GEL (GEL) Account: Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University: 204864548;

Recipient Name - United National Treasury Account;

Receiving Bank - State Treasury;

Bank Code - TRESGE22;

Recipient's Account / Treasury Code: 708967253.

When transferring money, please indicate:

Name and surname of the presenter;

V International Interdisciplinary Symposium of Young Scholars.



Registration fee includes:

  • Attendance at the Symposium Opening Ceremony (July 7, 2023);
  • Attendance at all Symposium sessions (July 7-9, 2023);
  • University tour;
  • Symposium program;
  • Symposium materials;
  • Symposium proceedings;
  • Certificate;
  • Coffee/tea break.

After receiving the consent letter, please pay the registration fee by the indicated deadline.

Organizing Committee Coordinates:

Room N 204, 1 Ilia Chavchavadze Ave., Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Main Building, Tbilisi, Georgia.

Contact persons: Irakli Chkhaidze, Ivane Tsereteli, Ketevan Kakitelashvili, Natia Putkaradze and Irina Nozadze.